Rock Queen Ella now a humanitarian mission icon

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MALAYSIA’S rock queen Ella is now a humanitarian mission icon, reported Kosmo.

Ella said she was driven to help refugees after watching a video of a young Syrian child shivering due to the snow.

“My heart crushed upon seeing the video. I quickly sent all my winter clothing there,” she was quoted as saying by the tabloid.

“Since then, I was determined to meet these refugees,” she said.

Ella and her husband Kpt Azhar Ghazali, 38, were appointed icons of Kedamaian Kemanu­siaan Bhd, which was raising funds under the #1follower1ringgit collection scheme in aid of Palestine and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The couple will be in Lebanon from April 26 to 30 to meet the refugees.

Ella hoped to record the mission on video and share it with the public to raise awareness on the humanitarian crisis.

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