Najib returns fire at Guan Eng with bungalow jibe

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Datuk Seri Najib Razak has hit back at Lim Guan Eng who said the former premier had no shame coming to Sandakan despite being linked with several corruption scandals.

Without mincing his words in a Facebook post on Friday (May 10), Najib mentioned Lim’s bungalow and the issues surrounding the Penang Undersea Tunnel, saying that he would speak about these once he reached Sandakan.

“I’m heading there to speak about how to buy a bungalow far below market price from a seller who has business relations with the state government.

“After that, I want to speak about how a corruption case that was already in trial for three weeks – where 20 witnesses have given their statements – can just be dropped just like that.

Last September, Lim, who is the Finance Minister as well as DAP secretary-general, was acquitted of two charges relating to the purchase of a bungalow in Penang.

The MACC said it was shocked over the acquittal, stressing that it was the Attorney General Chambers’ decision and not theirs.

Najib also said he would speak about the RM6.3bil Penang undersea tunnel project that was awarded in 2013 but would only begin construction 17 years later in 2030.

“I also want to speak about how a feasibility report worth RM305mil still hasn’t been completed after six years.”

He said he would also address issues where “certain quarters are guaranteed to win a request for proposal”.

In April, the MACC cleared the company involved in the building of the Penang undersea tunnel project – Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd and its senior executive director Datuk Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli – of any wrongdoing.


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